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*Private on-line meditation or mentorship sessions $75/ for 1/2 hr. ( zoom )

          Group meditation sessions for 10 or more $20 per person. for 1hr. 

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                                                                One-Minute Emergency Breath Practice

Often, we get stuck in patterns that don’t serve our higher good but still find ourselves doing them even though we are aware of their negative consequences.

In turn, those negative patterns are reinforced so that they become damaging imprints in our lives, and they become harder to release the longer we don’t address them...

Not Helpful.

When we feel challenged, we often find ourselves reacting harshly even when we know it doesn’t serve us.

This is a great source of frustration because we feel like we can’t rid ourselves of these conditioned behaviors and patterns.

Here’s a suggestion and a practice: the one-minute emergency breath practice.

When you notice that you’re about to do something out of habit that seems right:

First....make a commitment to a one-minute pause, before you do anything.

Second…Take a BREATH...then another LONG SLOW breath...

Give yourself the chance to remove yourself from that impulse and take the "witness position" to view your decision.

You will notice:

The compulsive nature will be lessened, your mind will calm for a minute, and you will "view" the decision as just a thought...NOT a necessity.

That "space" you create between the thought and the action will soften the impulse to act and you will just "view" it as an obsessive THOUGHT–.

Not True … NOT beneficial.

A softening will then take place and balance will slowly return.

This new mantra:” Not Real…. Not True …and…. Not A Threat” will benefit you greatly.

Making that commitment to pause ...and taking a BREATH will change your frequency…and it could save your life.

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