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Inner Freedom Project

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 Inner Freedom Project:

The Inner Freedom project and sangha were created to provide meditation training, mentorship, and community support for men coming out of prison based on the Buddhist monastic model of the 3 requirements:

Work/structure, personal practice/meditation, and community service.

These disciplines provide beings with daily focus, inner development, and spiritual fitness, all of which develop mindfulness, wholesome values, healthy self-esteem, and a sense of purpose.

Often, in our society, beings are misdirected and not given the right information, healthy role models or the necessary skills to navigate the challenges of the world. Throughout time, the age-old practice of mentorship has been guiding and educating beings with real living skills, so they are able to engage and adjust to life’s challenges with confidence and a feeling of community support.

Structure, inspiration, and support are key elements when beings are transitioning and reintegrating into society. Our goal is to provide meditative practices and living skills for men in a community of like-minded peers with skilled mentors supporting them.

Housing and employment are also potential benefits for participants who qualify and have a solid community service commitment.

This is the blueprint for their healing and the medicine our society sorely needs.

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