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 Sifu Bergman has been studying and practicing meditation and energy arts since his teens. Starting in NYC he trained in authentic traditional Chinese systems back in the late 60’s, then moved to SF to study with some of the most skilled teachers in the last century and was a disciple of Master Kuo Lien Ying and a student of Dharma Master Hsuan Hua’s Chan Buddhist lineage. Still feeling the passion for more practice, he moved to Asia in the 70's for deeper study and knowledge. Since returning, he has devoted himself to passing down the teachings and offering beings methods of healing

















For over 45 years, Robert’s personal practice of Taoist energy work, Buddhist dharma, and meditation has been shared with addicts in recovery, people who are healing from trauma, and people who have high-stress lives and suffer from anxiety.

In addition to being an active member of the “Big Heart City” Buddhist sangha in San Francisco, Robert has worked with the Mind Body Awareness project for incarcerated youth with his friend Vinny Ferraro, guiding teacher of Big Heart City. He has taught groups at the “clean and sober” schools project, worked with the youth gang task force, San Quentin state prison inmates, and taught in treatment centers, recovery houses and De-tox facilities, offering the “Path of Spiritual Boxing” and recovery to participants.

Robert has created wellness-based programs combining energy work and mindfulness and concentration practices in order to offer all beings the methods in which to heal themselves from the inside out. The Inner Freedom project is his latest offering in the world

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