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                The Benefits of Mentorship

The Tradition of Mentorship:

Specifically, mentorship is a relationship between two people where the individual with more experience, knowledge, and connections can pass down what they have learned from their own mentor and community.

The Practice of Mentorship has been the foundation for personal development and maintaining traditions for thousands of years. It is a key element in both spiritual lineages and educational traditions and is essential for cultivating wholesome values and skillsets. It gives beings guidance, inspiration and support while navigating life’s challenges and provides them with a system of knowledge and living skills that come from the direct experience of people that have come before them. It is an essential practice that not only benefits the individual but society as a whole. Right now, it is especially important as healthy, direct, and loving communication is being challenged by economic disparity and social turmoil and our families and communities are being destroyed by dysfunction and a lack of connection and healthy role models.

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